And I’m up…

I started this blog to show that I can use WordPress. I have noticed that the many of the job advertisements I have come across have wanted this skill. As I expected, it’s totally not a big deal and very intuitive. Back in the day, I played around with google’s blogging platform. I can already say that WordPress looks much more powerful. My problem with blogging has always been that what I have most wanted to blog about, I have wanted to keep private.  I used to be a pretty big blog reader. These days, there are few blogs I go straight to. I’d rather click on something from my facebook feed than go back to using an RSS feed reader.

I want to share what Hananel said last night and again this morning that was so cute. He said, “Boaz is so smart, he can be Rav when he grows up.” Rav is Hebrew for Rabbi.


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